Commercial HVAC Maintenance and Service

Treat your building as an asset… not a liability


The Building Owners and Management Association (BOMA), American Society of Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigerating Engineers (ASHRAE), and other organizations that collect and oversee commercial buildings have identified a ripe source of savings opportunities. Poorly operating commercial heating and cooling equipment can represent up to 40% energy and operational waste. Dirty or non-existent filters, clogged coils, and heat exchangers and non-functioning controls all contribute to expensive, premature breakdowns and energy waste. These are serious consequences that affect the bottom line.

A Busby’s Maintenance Program can avert these consequences. Maintenance performed by Busby’s trained staff reduces breakdowns, regains control of that energy and operational budget and creates a more livable building.

Professional commercial HVAC tune-ups and cleanings assure your systems are operating at peak efficiencies. As a reward for having the vision to protect your equipment investment, this program discounts the normal labor and material charges for repairs 15%. This often pays for the agreement. Professional tune-ups and cleanings can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or in a custom fashion, based on the equipment’s needs and the customer preference.

Specializing in light to medium size commercial buildings, Busby’s Commercial Services is uniquely qualified to lower the costs of operating your building with a wide array of programs. The heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems represent the largest investment in most commercial buildings and thus the greatest risk. Planning for the future, achieving key goals and maintaining costs all relate to sound asset management. Our commercial maintenance program provides solutions for lower operating costs and longevity of equipment life. We also offer commercial leasing to provide a solution to unexpected capital investments when a system needs to be replaced.

Our Commercial HVAC Services Division will be happy to provide a free survey and proposal for a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement tailored to your needs. We offer Saturday service at regular rates and also offer 24 hour emergency service because we know when your air conditioning goes out, you may be unable to operate your business.