The Best Augusta GA Air Conditioning Installation

When the air goes out in your home or business during the warm months, you need to call Busby’s Air Conditioning in Augusta, GA as soon as possible. We can set an appointment to send a well-qualified and friendly HVAC technician to assess the problem. Some companies that you could call in the Augusta area are going to try and convince you that you need to invest in a new AC system. However, we can inspect the problem and determine if your structure needs simple maintenance, repairs, or replacement parts. If it’s a new compressor or motor, it could be an expensive piece to replace, but some units still have some manufacturer’s warranty time left.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions About Central Air Conditioning Installation

Remember, the home or business HVAC system includes a complex set of parts and ductwork. Many of the newer units manufactured by different brands are built to be highly energy-efficient; many brands will last more than a decade, especially with annual maintenance. It’s essential to plan for the right unit to fit the demand you will have in your home based on your family size, the desired temperature you will want to maintain, and the weather patterns in your part of Georgia. For example, someone who plans to keep the house cooled to 72 degrees due to severe asthma and who is home all the time might need a unit that serves a higher demand than someone who is away most of the workweek and prefers the house to stay at 78 degrees. We work with every client to help you assess your building’s heating and cooling needs and help you select the unit that will give you the maximum usage. Some units will surprise you because of how much they save on your electricity or gas bill.

Central Air Conditioning Installation

Partnering with a local company for Augusta GA expert air conditioning installation is a big decision. Your friends or relatives may refer you to a company, but you want to look for the best reputation for quality and a manufacturer you can trust. Most companies will install or service high-quality brands that use similar technologies to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling. However, you want to match the right capacity unit to your home. Older homes may need to be retrofitted with new ductwork and other components to accommodate the latest HVAC models. Don’t let a company sell you on replacing all ductwork if it just needs to be cleaned or to have a few pieces replaced to ensure efficient airflow. Also, be sure to conduct an energy audit to address any air leaks in the house that will add unnecessary dollars to your energy bill.

Reliable and Honest AC Service in Augusta

If you are like most property owners, you are hoping that your AC contractor or service technician won’t take you to the cleaners. It might seem to make financial sense to replace an older unit, but it might need a small repair. We want to suggest the most cost-efficient and safe repairs and replacement options so you will maximize the lifetime of every part that still works in your existing AC unit. We know that some technicians are heavy sellers and will paint a picture that is much more urgent than your unit really indicates. They will work hard to convince you to buy a new system when it’s not necessary. We want you to build trust in Busby’s so you will refer other Augusta residents to us. That’s why we are happy to provide a free estimate for all services and repairs and quote several types of new AC systems that fit your home or building. Our transparent process makes it easy for property owners to compare our equipment prices and installation fees with our competitors. It is our sincere desire to keep your AC installation as affordable as possible.

Understanding the Central Air Conditioning Installation Process

When you are considering buying a new AC system, expect that you will make a substantial investment. There is a process that every reliable contractor should follow:

Do a thorough evaluation of the existing system and determine what parts could be replaced. Some parts and labor may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Dismantling and hauling away the current AC unit and removing all debris and small parts.

Pulling permits and scheduling inspections from the city and county authorities. Take apart and haul away existing air conditioner materials and clear the area.

Replacing or cleaning the existing ductwork that would compromise air quality or result in air leaks. You want a new system with full integrity that outperforms your current AC system.

Install the outdoor components.

Assemble and install the indoor components.

Check the thermostat and make sure the system is heating or cooling is reaching the desired temperature.

Ensuring the integrity of all refrigeration and exhaust lines and pipes.

Cleaning up all materials and dust from the work areas.

Following the manufacturer’s standardized process for starting the new unit during the Residential Air Conditioning Installation.

Doing a final inspection to ensure all components of the HVAC system are performing according to their design.

Whether you need Residential Air Conditioning Installation or commercial system repairs, contact Busby’s Heating and Air Conditioning for your free quote today! We’ve been a trusted in Air Conditioning in Augusta GA since 1945.